Advanced Armament Co Muzzle Brake Non-Suppressor Mount 5.56 AR-15 1/2"-28 Thread

95,00 €

The AAC Single Chamber Non-Suppressor Mount Muzzle Brake is perfect for applications where you want to significantly reduce recoil while adding as little length as possible to your barrel. With a single, massive chamber and 1-3/8" overall length, the NSM brake is AAC's most efficient recoil reducing design to date in terms of size-to-performance ratio. All NSM muzzle brakes are precision machined from 17-4 PH heat treated stainless steel and then given a durable, corrosion resistant SCARmor finish for protection and long service life.                                


Troy Medieval Muzzle Brake 5.56mm, uusi

67,90 €

Troy Industries Medieval Muzzle Brake 5.56mm AR15 ja M16 sarjan aseisiin. Kierre 1/2x28 RH. Tuote on uusi, valmistaja Troy Industries, USA.       


Advanced Armament Co (AAC) Blackout Flash Hider Non-Suppressor Mount (NSM) AR-15 1/2"-28 Thread

109,00 €

The AAC Blackout Flash Hider is an extremely efficient design that effectively eliminates muzzle flash, even on short barrels. The Open-End, 3-Prong design of the Blackout is inherently stronger than 4-prong units, and is not subject to the wear and erosion commonly encountered with closed-end designs. All Blackout Flash Suppressors are machined from high strength aerospace stainless steel alloy and coated in a hard, durable, corrosion resistant SCARmor finish. This is the non suppressor mount version with no provision for mounting a silencer.


Noveske KX3 liekinvaimennin, uusi

189,00 €

Noveske Diplomat karbiinin tunnusmerkki, KX3 liekinvaimennin. Sarjanumeroitu, kierre 1/2x28 RH. Mukana crush washer. Tuote on uusi, valmistaja Noveske Rifleworks LLC, USA.      


Surefire 5.56 mm SOCOM suujarru, uusi

195,00 €

Surefire SOCOM suujarru 5.56 mm AR15 kivääreihin. Kierre 1/2x28 RH. Tuote on uusi, valmistusmaa USA.      


Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake 7.62mm, uusi

79,00 €

Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake 7.62mm (5/8×24-Multi-Caliber). Tuote on uusi, valmistaja Troy Industries, USA.       

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