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Streamer Micro For customers who want to have a rifle that is as short and light as possible we developed our Streamer Micro, which almost delivers the feel of a muzzle break, but still reduces the signature significantly and makes short rifles safe to shoot without double hearing protection indoors. Streamer Micro works is more like blast shield but will also suppress sound very effectively. It will deflect the sound forward instead of to the sides like muzzle brake. This will also be more pleasant to your colleagues when shooting in line. Features: NOT Hearing safe – The sound pressure at shooters ear will exceed 140 dB with short barrels. Full-auto rated – Solid stainless steel construction and simple structure with advanced heat management. No weapon mods – No need for adjustable gas blocks or other modifications to the rifle Recoil management – No increase in bolt velocity Serviceable – Can be easily disassembled for cleaning by using standard angle grinder key. Technical Specifications: Length: 108 mm Diameter: 42 mm Weight: 300 g added length after muzzle device 50mm Quick detach to Ase Utra Borelock (Thread M27x15) Sound pressure at shooters right ear: 139 dB (16″ barrel 223 Rem. AR15) Cerakote: Magpul FDE, Magpul ODG, Gunmetal Grey, Graphite Black Calibers available: 5,56 mm & 7.62 mm Stainless steel construction TILATESSA LAITA KOPIO ASELUVISTA MYYNTI@JOENSUUNSA.FI
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